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Why are eyeballs always chasing you?

Why is it always eyeballs?

Unholy Eyeballs explores the meta of eyeballs in horror games. It plays a bit with different game modes. I wanted to go very dark with the game world: It's recommended you play with the lights off! 

This was made for Haunted PS1 Jam Summer of Shivers 2021. Also it's my first game with a fully 3d environment! (made in Crocotile and rendered in GameMaker 2)

Controls are Mouse and wasd/arrow keys. PRESS F11 to toggle windowed mode.

Content Warning for trypophobia!

Thank you and please tell me about the eyeball themed dreams you have after playing!

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(26 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, Experimental, First-Person, GameMaker, Horror, Surreal, Turn-Based Combat, weird


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Oo glad I stumbled in here, thanks for the inspiration ✨

A very unique experience. Believe it or not, the creepiest thing were not the eyeballs.

This is a really fleshed-out, unique game! I've posted a review on the jam submission page, and made a playthrough video: 

wow that's a great review! thanks for taking the time!


This was absolutely wonderful! Icredible visual design, gl;itchy audio and heavy doses of confusion! XD The battle mechanics were also really well guided for how out-there and weird they were. Excellent work!

I really appreciate the nice words!

When you say "Unholy Eyeballs explores the meta of eyeballs in horror games.", what horror games in particular are you referring to? Good game, by the way.

Thanks! It's originally inspired by games in CHAIN (check my itch page under "collabs") where, without talking to each other, a whole slew of the games coincidentally defaulted to being about collecting books and running from eyeballs. Collecting pages is a common task in slender-alikes, and you see eyeballs a lot in indie horror. There's something elemental and meta about them, like a basic archetype monster. I could prob do another game about it haha!

everytime z_bill comes up with some crazy weird horror, and everytime it works really well! Thats a damn skill if I have ever seen. NIce!

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hey thanks! Glad I can always supply the craziness!

Eye feel like this is probably one of the strangest games that Eye have ever had the opportunity to play. Eye give it two thumbs up! It's the second game in my three random horror games playthrough and starts at about 18:00. Eye also wanted to note that Eye originally streamed on Twitch and then made the stream into a YT video.

I feel like everyone had their eye on me. Really strange but fun game.


There will never not be eyes looking at you. Freaky, no?

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is pretty interesting and original.

-The gameplay mechanics are really good and easy to get into, but you should make the cursor get locked always as when you start a "dialogue" I was able to see it running into my secondary screen.

-Visually the game is really good and has personality while keeping those nice PS1 creepy vibes.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


cool thanks for playing! was the glitch just something you could see on your other monitor (no evidence in the video)? Players have had issues with dual monitor setups in my games before. I'll see what I can do!

Yup, I've seen it on the other monitor :), You are welcome ^^

Eye think this was excellent!


Thank you (I've run out of eye jokes!)


I loved that. Very small and weird with great creature designs. Also, the battle system was actually pretty interesting.


Thanks! I want to do a bit more with the battle system down the line!

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Can we die in this game?


I took out the death mechanic. It saved time and I didn't really know how to balance what would be a fair fight. The eyes basically appear in random spots.

With the oppressive bells and eyes bearing down on you, I figured it was scary enough. Thought players would assume they could die (and bonus: think they did a great tactical job in killing them on first go!)

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Eye like this game. But eye doesn't, eye says that it is weird, but eye disagree. Eye say this game deserves 5 eyes out of 5 eyes. Good job eye!

Eye wouldn't know weird if it poked them in the eye.

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I thought Mummy Sandbox was the weirdest game I'd play in my life, but then Unholy Eyeballs happened.
I loved how uniquely bizarre and yet captivating that was!


weirder every day is my motto!

...but you haven't played the ending of Mummy Sandbox yet! Soon tho! Thanks a lot for playing!


Looking forward to Even Weirder!!


If there's a community that I've been following for a while, it's the Haunted PS1 community. Here again, we have an interesting project, which plays with a concept that is quite common in many other horror games. Strong candidate, with great potential, to be a well-produced full game. Congratulations on your work.

Seems you got the meta element to it! Not sure if you played CHAIN, an HPS1 project, but this was a reaction trying to grasp with why so many of the games defaulted to "running from eyeballs, collecting pages."


Yeah, i've played C.H.A.I.N. last year. It's all about eyeballs... *laughs*

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nice retro


This game was awesome, it reminds me of a game I played a while back. Surreal games like this never disappoint.


thanks! I like that you didn't figure out the lightning til the very end so you had to deal with this terrible eyeball column the whole time! Might've given me an idea!

You're welcome, I'm glad to be of help.




Even though I don't exactly understand what I just went through, I enjoyed every moment of it!


Thanks! We all have our own understandings of what eyeballs are doing lurking in hidden spaces humans aren't allowed to enter.




you're the best, Johnny!


Nice, I really enjoyed the cool sega cd room and the turn based stuff in the end.


Thanks! I'm experimenting with turn-based tactical combat in 1st person. I kinda did it in a hacky way here, just to see how it works. Glad you liked it!

btw, been seeing giraffecat/synnah from Wizjam in HauntedPS1 circles lately. It would be cool if you came over too!


3D still scares me very much... but I do love ps1 horror (a huge Silent Hill nerd) so maybe someday.

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rip and tear those eyeballs (great game btw, I like the surreal theme of it)


whoa! you beat it already? Thanks a lot!

You reminded me to put the content warning in the description. Should there be, like, an "eye injury" warning I wonder?

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nah that was just a Doom reference, Since there you have to defeat the eyeballs


I got the ref! (heh, captainamerica.gif or w/e) I guess the idea of ripping eyeballs sorta just made me think "oh no, should there be a thing?" heh, disregard. Thanks again!