Commence Project Quinoa!

Hello! I'm going to do a devlog of my upcoming game right here on!

It is codenamed PROJECT QUINOA!

It's very early days still. BUT, I'll have you know it is:

  • A Space game (in outerspace)
  • Starring a Space Barbarian
  • A cinematic platformer that incorporates comic book panels like my previous game The Red Mummy

  • I do a video series about my excursion into gamedev and the first one about this game is right here:

    The first area is a vegetable spaceport with organic veggie structures and villagers. Here is some concept art!

    That's all for now. More to come, this game is going to be my biggest yet and probably take me forever to make! I've decided this is the spot I want to talk about the game. is the best!

    (here is a slime skeleton that I made the project's icon because I haven't made a logo yet...)


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    I like the handmade graphics in this page, very nice. It would be probably better to use this kind of graphic, using seamless tile editor to have parts matching, isn't it ? The main character is really like a stick currently, should perhaps better to have as main character, the kind of strange characters you drawn :).

    Hi! Thanks a lot for checking this out!

    You are talking about the video, right? Don't worry, that's all placeholder and the finished art will be much nicer. The environment will match the concept art better (but still pixel art). The main character will be animated & much more interesting to look at. She's going to be cool, I promise! 

    I'm glad you like the concept art! Thanks again & keep checking back!

    I seen ! That's really fantastic and now understand better your style.

    Awesome! Thank you so much for checking it out!