Panels on Trash Moon

Back! After much time has passed!

Project Quinoa is going splendidly. Here's a gamedev video to prove it:

(I messed up the sound a little b/c I dunno about sound)

The veggie city is close to how I want it looking!

The panels are starting to show up in the game, though I've got to get the cutscene action in there.

My original plan was to make this a big ole metroidvania ala Hollow Knight, but I've resigned that will not be an attainable goal for one dev. Soooo, I'm now thinking of it as episodes. Each episode will be a mini-metroidvania platformer loosely like reading an issue of a comic book (the idea I started with The Red Mummy).

The first one I'm calling The Demo and I want to have it completed this year! Nice!

Here's a sample of a completed "comic" page (it'll appear all chopped up as panels in the game proper).

Oh another cool thing I might as well announce is my friend William Cardini, top creator of weird space comics (check out his stuff here!) is helping me with story & world design. Here's a quick teaser, me converting his planets to pix!

I'll see if he wants to share any more stuff!

In the meantime, lemme know, you like your quinoa...(Is that a new catchphrase?)

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