Where's All The Quinoa?

Oh my! It has been a while, hasn't it?

I had to put it on hiatus through half of 2018 unfortunately, but Project Quinoa is back and progressing better than ever!

I've streamlined/rethought some systems and decided to make the fights & movement more simple. For instance I've stripped out right joystick aiming (and mouse-aiming for keyboards). Now the mysterious barbarian can only fly and aim her cosmic beam in eight (8) directions. And the beam can be shot out...forever. Like as long as you hold down the attack button. Look at this gif:

My idea is that the rigid (sorta old school 8-bit era) movement and firing will make your actions seem like the deliberate moves of a strong, heavy barbarian. I want the fights to be like very paced-out boss encounters. Like, uh, Cuphead or the PSP game Prinny (if you know that one, it has my favorite boss fights ever).

Showdown! They face off like it's Street Fighter or something. This is just a regular run-of-the-mill mob, not a boss.

There will be 10 fights total, 2 of those legit boss encounters. I may switch up this idea past The Demo, but my high concept is that, when introducing this character, who is a stubborn cosmic brute, the nigh cumbersome gameplay will help sell the the character. So um...The Demo will release in mid 2019, so you can tell me if this works (or I failed) then!

Also of note is this comic I created for #inktober on twitter. It is related to Project Quinoa. Try and puzzle out how! a couple panels:

It is called Muckswapper. Check it out by clicking here!

Here's some pixel art and sketches:

Above weird characters were designed by cartoonist William Cardini  (check out his stuff here!). My rendition of the mole boss below.

Back to programming in all these fights. Stick with me please!

(Also, I've decided making youtube gamedev vids isn't worth it anymore as I can't seem to direct people over there. Lemme know if this disappoints you or anything and you would watch videos like that!)

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