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The art is insanely cool and unique, the fights are like miniature puzzles of their own, the flight mechanics are super fun. Very excited to see more!

I'm very glad you liked it! More is on the way!

cool art style but I couldn't see it through because either a) I sucked at the combat b) the combat just sucks. still I liked the art style. reminded me of tom scioli

Ah dang. Sorry the hard combat got you. My idea was to make it "deliberate" where each move mattered, and emulate a slow, powerful barbarian. It very well could suck!

I'm a huge fan of Scioli (and Kirby) so that's amazing to hear! Thanks for playing!

yea, i got a lot of godland vibes from this. I hope in the future you do a easy mode for us ppl who suck at combat but want to still kick ass

As always, your games have a specific aesthetic and set of play mechanics that hits some combination of nostalgia for me that I love every time. Nostalgia with a coat of weird goo on top maybe, but I love it!

This world is a bit unsettling, but somehow endearing. Like Hollow Knight without the scent of Tim Burton all over it.

The boss attack patterns are a good combination of esoteric and challenging that make me feel satisfied every time I finally take one down. I am looking forward to finishing this chapter, and chapter 2!

Oh, I found a potato guy!

P.S. Corn Person in the background was my favorite person. 

"Nostalgia with a coat of weird goo on top" is a blurb I'll definitely take! I like that it's hitting that mark for you. Thanks so much for playing & your comment!

Oh and you found the hidden potato beast! 

Are you stuck on a particular fight? If you are having trouble with one, there is a skip you can do. Let me know if you want this forbidden power! (This goes for other players too: I'll tell you, but only if you all want the temptation of knowing it!)

I'm not stuck yet! Had some troubles with a couple, but just got to the double... asparagus heads (?) and decided to continue later. Good to know if I need it, though!

The comic book panels that are dismissed by pressing a relevant action is a great touch.

I love the style, and the use of color and sound you have going here.

This is a great first issue!

Thank you! My current plan is 4 issues. Stay tuned (though I'll have some other games come out in between issues!)