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A cinematic platformer experience, become The Red Mummy in a quest to reclaim your stolen hands and feet! 

Watch the story unfold through comic book panels as you glide, fight, and snake through hidden caves. 

It's like Castlevania wrapped inside a 70's horror comic!


Z to jump, X to attack (if you have your hooks!)

Controllers Support is in the game so use that if you can!

Updated June 2020: PRESS F11 to toggle windowed mode. Fixed a few bugs finally and made jumping less bad. I still expect the game to be charmingly janky tho, let me know if you encounter anything game-breaking.

BTW, there are TWO endings, and there's now a way to replay the final part to get both endings in one run!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Tagscomic-book, Experimental, Horror, Metroidvania
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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yo! its me again :D. I was just wondering if we could exchange discords (if ya have it), so we could talk and maybe figure out some things with TRM? Like, modding and the code and all that?

what langage was this game made in? like, HTML? Javascript?

Gamemaker's scripting language: GML. It was created with GMS1 (I forget the exact version)

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omg thanks so much, We have a discord server for speedrunning this game and I am trying to make a savestate/Coordinate Mod for it, there is a strat where u can go invisible and skip an entire cutscene, saving 5+ seconds, if you want, here is the discord for it! https://discord.gg/MkkkhvyBrx

lso, if you wanna have the speedrun.com page of it: https://www.speedrun.com/the_red_mummy?h=Any&x=wdmo09xk

haha I checked your WR speedrun video. That's very cool! I'm glad to know this exists. And happy you were able to find an exploit that didn't make the whole game hard crash! Doesn't that happen, like, a whole bunch when you try to find skips/etc for speedrunning?

actlly no, it doesn't crash, it jst kinda softlocks, hehe, which i mean, is kinda like crashing, bt not really. also, if I wanna make the savestate/Coordinate mod, I need the code for the game, and I can't pt the game into GMS2.0, so if yo wanna DM me it, that wold be awesome. my discord is: KidoOsu#5319

the game's code is inside various objects/instances in (a version I don't have anymore of) gamemaker's script editor. If there's some way to get a different version...like, whatever re-ordered code GMS converts it to to run the game off of (if that's how it actually works? dunno) I have no idea how that is done/acquired at all. Maybe look into how people mod old GMS games like Hotline Miami? 

Sorry about those soft locks! Yeah my platformers did that a lot I remember.

this is good. i like it

Thanks! Check out The Meanderthal as well as it's a successor to the comics/games mashup idea. Tho it does get hard and I'm releasing an easy mode soon!


Holy wow that was awesome, I couldn't help but clap at the end. Amazing game through and through, I loved the cartoons, the wacky story and Bankenstein. You can feel the care and effort that went into every second of the game, really amazing stuff!

Thank you! An ovation? Wow. That's great to hear and I'm glad people are still finding this game!

I'm intending to repackage all my weird platformers into a collection, so you'll find more along these lines to enjoy from me soon!

Hey um, just asking if there be any updates on a possible installer package.

From my research XP machines can't run current GameMaker Studio games w/o getting that "not a valid Win32 application" message. This was made in GMS 1.4 (I said "8" below, must've been tired or something haha!).  I also just looked and it seems GMS 2.1, which I use now, also has this issue. I'm not sure there is a solution. I'm sorry.

Have you played any games you know to be made in GameMaker Studio on your machine? I'm thinking it was when they jumped from just "Game Maker" to "Studio" that XP stopped being supported.

I really appreciate that you liked the look of the game enough to check back. It means a lot!

I did and they worked once an installer was provided.

Oh! Okay. See if this works for you: Link to installer exe on Dropbox (80mgs)

I'm curious if this is the solution for all XP users. Lemme know if it works and what you think of the game!

It does work indeed ! Thanks.

I really liked the game, only wish it was a bit longer.  My only technical issue would be with the boss, because if the bills fall down and you're hanging off a ring, it might mean you'll bite it. Also I had one time where I hit him from behind on the right side, and he turned around and since I couldn't get past him to reach the lowest hanging ring, I couldn't avoid getting killed there either.

But that's a minor nitpick. Still a really fun game overall.

Great! I'm glad you were able to play and enjoyed the game!

Yes, there are a few issues with the Bankenstein fight. It's my first attempt at any real combat. I'm going to strive to get it better in the future!

This was pretty fun. Short, but enjoyable, and well executed. The art style reminds me a bit of the early NES days and the comic panels for story telling are nice as well - not all chatty like some games. I also liked the pirate twist for the mummy as it added more character to him. Plus, the game has double-jumping, and that's always a plus with me. Good job on this. I could easily see it as a full game or at least having a sequel.

Thanks a lot, man! Cool video!

Hi Devs,

I had a play of The Red Mummy and got as far as the boss but decided to stop there becuase I didn't want to ruin it for the gamers.

I played this on a 36 inch tv and at first it was ubber pixeleated but I got used to it and really enjoyed the game. I loved the little cartoon style images that appeared during the game and the controls were easy to get on with. Top Notch.

Thanks Devs



Thanks for the vid! Glad you ended up liking it!

Did it seem *more* pixelated than other pixelated games? I'm curious.

I just love the "MY HANDS!" frame.

Thanks! Your playthrough was fantastic! I'm not sure what happened when it locked up at the cowboy at the end. Sorry about that!

It happened two more times when I was trying to record alternative endings so I gave up ^^ I think it might be because I was 1. jumping, 2. pressing left too quick, 3. pressing left too late. But no idea.

Really neat stuff, awesome visuals. Nicely done!

Hey, I've found that this is another one of those gams that doesn't work on XPs, citing it's "not a valid win 32 application". Is there any way to fix that and actually, you know, be able to do more than just look at the thumbnail ? : /

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll try to figure it out and get back to you. 

Also, it was made in Game Maker 8 in case you need that info.

I think that's the reason. Game Maker from a certain point on stopped supporting XP in their exported games.

I love how bizzare and, quirky this game is. Enjoyed the nostalgic feel of when i was a kid with Castlevaina!

Thank you Raithias! I'm glad you liked it! Good video!

Good job man! Loved the art style of the pictures and the general atmosphere of the game, a bit weird but tons of fun nonetheless :D Though you should re-program the mummy to hold up a lil' bit more booze!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for the full release, cheers!

Thanks! The mummy will be able to handle maybe a six pack in the next game! Really cool video!

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I loved the mechanics and platforming in this game! The story was a bit confusing but I thought it was really cool! 

Thanks a ton for playing it!

This is a very strange game, but I love that about it.  the characters have so much personality despite the limited amount of dialogue.  The comic book style of telling the story is terrific.  I absolutely love the spider apes haha.  Especially the face the first one makes, lot of character.  The actual game play is fairly simple, but I enjoyed this short little adventure, and look forward to seeing more games from you.  Thanks :)

Thank you PseudoGrimm! I'm glad people are liking these odd characters. A few have gotten the exact response out of the sad ape that I was hoping for. They are so misunderstood!

My next game is in progress as we speak!

hi my friend :) big thx for your help. i made a second part of this great game. i had so much fun. this game is so fantastic. i hope you like it ;) greetings from germany

Hello again! I'm very glad you are enjoying it so much!

hi, the game makes so much fun :)

Looks so weird, I love it!

What a weird little game you've made here! I really liked the hand drawn comic-book style but not sure I got the meaning of the game xD

Haha, weirded you out, did I? I've been known to do that. Probably best not to read into the meaning too much...but thanks for sticking with it!

And you successfully Identified the credits track! If you listen closely you can spot riffs from that song throughout the game's other tracks.

hi, big thanks for your great game. the graphic and animations are so brilliant nice. it makes so much fun to play this game. can you help me, what to do after i found my hands ? greetings from germany

Hey Rostiger! Wow, your expressions are great and really translate! I could tell you are into it and that made my day!
You had the right idea for a second there! You have to hit the hoops with your attack! You will start swinging.
Thanks so much for playing. I'm glad to have players from Germany!

hi :) big big thanks for your help and i'm so glad you like it. now, i can play it again :) greetings and a nice weekend ;)

Excellent game. Reminded me of a few games my sister and I used to have for our NES. Really liked the comic-style panels and how they'd change based on a few of your actions. Only criticism would be that trying to grab the rings could be a pain sometimes, but otherwise it was great. Also, surprised at how different the ending could be.

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Oh, sweet! My first let's play! You are the man! 

You can definitely kill the captive and see him(!) in the ghost room instead of the warlock. You actually did the less violent choice in both the beginning and the end.

Looks like Bankenstein and some of the controls gave you a hard time. Sorry about that! Also, x-box controllers should work!

This was fantastic!  A great mix of really stiff-feeling NES-era controls, mixed with some modern day forgiveness in the level design. Love the comic panels and the story. It's another surreal mixture of good gameplay and story from z_bill. Love it.

Yes! Thank you! A retro/modern day contradiction, this mummy is!

That was wild, great job!

Thanks! More wild times are in planning as we speak!

Nice work! I enjoyed the comic book panels helping to tell the story, it made it exciting to enter a room with them because you never know what will happen next. The hooks were also a pretty neat attack and I like how right when you see the rings you know what you need to do.

I enjoyed the game!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for taking the time to play & comment!