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When cowboys and ninjas meet strange things happen...

This was made for Haunted PS1 Jam 2020. It is an experiment in 2d & 3d space...a skins-periment.

Controls are Mouse and Keyboard. PRESS F11 to toggle windowed mode.

Thank you and please let me know you what you think in the comments below!

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TagsAtmospheric, Experimental, First-Person, GameMaker, Gore, Horror, Surreal


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Very weird in an interesting way.


Is this vore?


open to all interpretations!


That sure was something =P

Thanks for playing! If you play any of my other games, lemme know what you think!


I also played the Mummy Sandbox demo on the hps1 demo disc 2021 and while it wasn't really my kind of game, I was intrigued by the weirdness of it all and I intend to try more of your stuff. In that one though I did run into a bug the first time I started it where the mouse didn't turn the camera, yet I could still move with WASD like normal. a quick restart fixed that but might be worth looking into the cause.

My weirdest game is Pause Screen 2 I think, kinda a bizarre epic. Tho if you like glitchy puzzles there's Bone Warper, and Red Mummy if you like atmosphere/story.

I've been seeing lots of people with that bug (none of the curation team had it tho weirdly). It's something to do with how GMS captures the mouse, maybe dual monitor. I'll hopefully fix it for the full release!

I only have one monitor so it shouldn't be that, it's a Cintiq pen screen though, could that have something to do with it perhaps?


no clue what just happened! super great


My video on Enter The Skinja.



Loved your game, especially the visuals and the concept. There was no sound on my machine, but I'm seeing other playthrough's with sound, strange. I'm curious what more can you do with this 2d to 3d thing.

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Thanks! I did a bit of 2d plus 3d combo in Pause Screen 2 (battletoads/double dragon). Check that out too if you feel inclined! I'm not sure what happened with your audio...there's not all that much in this game, but lemme know if it happens with my other games?


Played the game and I really enjoyed it. I got scared those the end but it was different and unique. Good game.


Nice LP! Hehe, you got scared by our cowboy hero!


I wasn't ready for that. I scare easy lol


Typically, I'd give some brief description of a game I play or the experience, but I honestly feel Enter the Skinja is a game best experienced for oneself. It's...weird.

Good job, dev. I remember playing Red Mummy you made some time ago. You have a recognizable style.

You heard them, play it! heh.

Oh whoa, played my old game too! Now that's a supportive YTer! I really appreciate it!

Recently played the 2020 Madvent Calendar and recognized your work in it. Weird as always!


I saw the video! Thanks a lot. You are like my official LPer!


This is like getting really high in a basement somewhere and finding an old zine in some couch cushions and just getting lost in a weird hand drawn story and living a whole life in the span of thirty minutes of fever dream.

SO... I liked it.

...And that's the blurb for the back of the box! Thank you!


Strange, weird, intriguing!

Really enjoyed this little odd experience. 

Pixel art and sound design are great and the gameplay quite uniqe.

If you're looking for a unusual experience, this is it!

Quite an endorsement! Thanks so much for playing!


Weird.. and super cool! 

Played through and it was a unique little experience! The rewind aspects are what I found most intriguing.  Positives: Colorful, great sprites and pixel art, weird experience that gave me Hylics vibes at times, good sprite animation, tight coding on controls and the different sequences, has a real 2600 looks and feel that makes it feel authentic. Negatives: The sounds are pretty repetitive and go on for long stretches of time with no gameplay interactions, more varied sound effects possibly even music could help add to the long stretches where nothing is happening. Suggestions: Maybe make the T/F to Y/N when quitting. A jump mechanic would make the run and shoot aspects more fun or at least a gun that can be drawn and used at all times instead of during locked sequences. Overall: It is a really cool, colorful experience that has a lot of potential to become something even cooler!  The backwards shooter aspects are really unique and made me think of Yoshis Safari at times. I think this mechanic is the most unique aspect of the project! Congrats on the release and I look forward to more work from you! Cheers!

whoa thanks for the review! That rules, glad you like it. Yeah the audio is a little boring on this one, mainly just the walking noises (had to be able to do the backwards sounds...and I debated making a little song that plays forwards and backwards.) It's definitely just an experiment, I wasn't able to make the shooting satisfying and it's more like it's puzzles than anything.

Thanks again!


I wish I could turn down the sound effects volume. Some cool concepts for sure! And then it froze as I was rewinding. 


Thanks! Where did it freeze? Do you remember? I'll need to squash that bug!

As I was in the rewind section of flesh-land. Gun had the firing effect and noise on, but no enemies or movement or trigger appeared. 

Ah...don't think it was stuck then...

*Spoilers* You are rewinding, going backwards, so when the "flash" pops up you need to re-shoot the enemy you shot when advancing forward (it could be off in the distance or hidden among "arm" sprites depending on when you shot it!). Basically if there is a crosshair on the screen, that means there is something you can shoot!

Yeah there was no enemy or crosshairs. Clicked everything and nothing happened.

Aw dang. Sorry about that! I'll keep on the lookout to see if it happens to anyone else and fix it!


Quite a strange experience, but does present some clever ideas. 

Thanks a lot! I'm nothing if not a wellspring of odd ideas at the least!